College for Kids: Photo Walk

On a daily basis, Cedar Rapids is bursting with color… especially during the summer time! But when was the last time you’ve visualized present day Cedar Rapids in black and white?

Last Friday, students in the College for Kids’ Photography class ventured around Downtown Cedar Rapids to snap gallery-worthy images of the community using Black and White Film Photography. By capturing photographs of historical landmarks and local businesses, students were able to practice their photography skills and visualization techniques. Students ended their photo walk at the Cedar Rapids Fire Department’s Central Fire Station and photographed firetrucks and equipment.

Below are some images of students during their photo walk around Downtown Cedar Rapids!


College for Kids: Earthworm Dissection

On the outside, worms seem like boring creatures considering their lack of eyes, arms, and legs. On the inside however, lays a complex anatomy that functions the everyday life of a worm.

Today, students in the Dissection class explored the insides of earthworms and learned about their organs, systems, and the functions of each. Worms won’t be the only specimens examined in College for Kids’ Dissection; In the next two weeks, students will have their hands inside the bodies of bullfrogs, fetal pigs, and perches too!

Take a look at today’s dissection activity as students analyzed the internal body structures of earthworms.

College for Kids is Back!

Welcome back to College for Kids 2017!

Today marks the first day of the July Session of Grant Wood AEA’s College for Kids. The June Session was filled with amazing projects like the K’nex built theme park and interesting courses taught by outstanding long-time instructors.

This session will consist of even more fascinating activities – especially in the July exclusive courses like Ancient China, Exploring Biotechnology, World Religions, and Kinesiology. Follow the educational journey of these new and returning middle schoolers as they make unforgettable memories learning at Grant Wood AEA’s College for Kids!