The Beauty of Creation: Decorative Paper and Handmade Books

Decorative paper making and handmade book students have been working with handmade paper, paste paper, and marbling paper materials this week.  While these photos make the work look like it’s a little messy, these students had a lot of fun!

pulp placed over screen

To make the handmade paper, students pour the pulp over a screen and blot dry.


red pulp getting screened

There are many techniques available to make paste paper. Each sheet is unique!

color grabs paper after floating in colors

Marbling is all about floating colors. Students drop in the color and add paper.


wire pattern laid over purple color on paper

Each sheet created by the students is a one-of-a-kind!

It’s always a fun surprise!

This guest blog was submitted by Katrina Martin. Katrina has been teaching at College for Kids for ten years.


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