College for Kids- A group poem by 1st hour Slam Poetry, June, 2018

What does it look like when a group of kids get together for Slam Poetry?

book of poetry including colorful word balloons

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from.

Because everyone at College for Kids is welcome.

A  place that’s truly fun,

It’s great for everyone!

College for Kids is lots of fun for kids like me and you.

There are lots of things for everyone so,

Come join us, too.

I wake up at 5:30 to catch the bus,

It’s pretty tiring for all of us!

Hundreds and hundreds of kids dressed in blue,

They wake up real early to toot their kazoo.

Kids as smart as whips,

Smiling and laughing through the day,

Solving challenging problems all along the way.

For two weeks in the month after May,

We learn and have fun every week day.

Even though my grades were pretty bad,

I’m in poetry class so I’m not mad.

To learn to excel,

 A goal we accomplish well.

College for kids is so fun,

And now it’s sad that it’s done!”

bound book of student art with 'dream, big, fly high' watercolor art of tree and 'nature's envy'

It’s been a great week In Poetry Slam class so far.  The students are amazing and so willing to take risks with their writing and the results have been earth-shattering!    We have been silly and serious and everything in-between. As their group poem states over and over again, we have had fun with poetry and will be sad when the week comes to an end on Friday.

It’s also been an adventure with the SMASH journal groups in second and third hours.  We have made life-maps, journaled about our fantasy trips and dreams, and today we went outside and sketched nature. The journals the students are creating are a beautiful blending of artistic talent and creative writing.   I love seeing the beauty the students create each and every day.

Deb Siebenga teaches at Franklin Middle School in Cedar Rapids during the regular school year as the talented and gifted facilitator.  She is entering her 34th year of teaching and wonders where all the time has gone!  She enjoys creative writing, water colors and collage and so poetry and SMASH journaling are perfect classes for her to teach at College for Kids!  One of her highlights in her life was seeing Michael Phelps swim his last competitive race at the Rio Olympics in 2016.  She has a daughter, Kirsten, who will be a junior at Minnesota State next year, and recruited her mom to teach College for Kids after she worked there as a staff assistant for several years.  Both agree that College for Kids is the best!




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