Artistic Creations Using Altered Books and Art Boxes

Altered books, also known as Junk Journals, is a way to recycle old hardcover books into new works of art. Students choose a theme, sometimes inspired by an original book title/topic or by a personal interest. Artwork is created in the book by painting, drawing, collage, cutting, and paper-folding. At times the text or original illustrations/photographs act as prompts for the alteration. Altered books are unique and personal! Each book reflects the ideas, beliefs, and interests of the creator.



Art Boxes are 3-D collages. Each box is a collection of images and objects that reflect the vision of the maker. Inspired by Surrealist Joseph Cornell, each art box represents a dream, fantasy or individual perception of reality. Each student chooses a theme that is meaningful to them. Their challenge was to interpret this idea in images and found objects. Art boxes are like secret worlds in which the viewer is invited in to solve the mystery.


Jim Jacobmeyer has been a C4K Art and Design instructor for 31 years, 1987-2018. He is a veteran Art, Gifted & Talented and Alternative Education teacher of 44 years. Jim has taught K-College levels. He has a BA in Art Education with an MAT in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Alternative Education and G&T. He has taught in Sydney, Australia, Waterloo, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA.


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